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Category: Sustainability

Mar 27
Second hand wedding dresses – Improving sustainability and recycling

Buy a preowned wedding dress. Get Married. Sell your dress to a bride-to-be. Every action helps towards our sustainability aims. As an industry, we have hit the reset button on weddings with the dramatic impact of the pandemic over the last couple of years. This shakeup has provided an opportunity to transform the way we […]

Jul 10
Create A Vintage Twist To Your Wedding With Eco-Friendly Credentials

It’s your fabulous wedding and it’s essential to get everything perfect: yes to elegant designs, but what about adding a vintage twist? And will it be eco-friendly? We’ve seen the vintage theme really take off – with amazing designs from the art-deco 1940s through to the 1970s back in fashion. These look fantastic, but also […]

May 25
Sustainable Weddings: 5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

How can you make sure your wedding is as sustainable as possible? Wedding days are big events, and this inevitably has an impact on our environment. With everyone doing their utmost to live greener, what can you do to make sure that your wedding is as sustainable as possible? Of course, no wedding is going […]

Mar 25
8 ways to make your wedding flowers more eco friendly

Thank you very much to Rachel Bull from floral design studio who has written this guest article on ways to make your wedding flowers more eco friendly. If you’re looking to make your big day more sustainable, chances are you’ll be searching out environmentally friendly florals. The good news is that going heavy on the foliage […]

Nov 04
Reasons to buy a second hand wedding dress

Nowadays, we’re always looking not only for ways to cut costs, but also ways to recycle and reuse, and weddings are no exception. One way to both help the planet, and save some cash is to buy a preloved dress. A preloved wedding dress is a dress that has already been worn down the aisle, […]

May 26
Are you planning a sustainable wedding?

We know that sustainability isn’t top of everyone’s agenda, but if you’re even a little bit concerned about your carbon footprint there are a few steps you can take to make your wedding one that helps rather than harms the environment – without in any way spoiling the party! When you’re choosing a venue, a […]