Earn over £5 for every new sale you refer.

Invite your friends to join Bride2bride and when they pay to list their dress, you’ll earn over £5.


    • Share your personalised referral link (view the Profile section of your Refer and Earn page) with your friends or blog visitors and when they list their dress for sale you’ll earn over £5.
    • You can view all your traffic on your website and see how your Refer and Earn scheme is working.
    • We payout once your account has over £20 (we pay automatically to your Paypal account at the end of each month).

View your Refer and Earn dashboard


How do we calculate your earnings?

We pay a commission of 36% on all listing fees generated using your personalised link (that you will find on your Refer and Earn dashboard under the Profile tab.

For example, if a friend clicks on your personalised referral link then lists their dress, you will earn 36% of the listing fee paid.

For a basic listing with a £14 listing fee, you would earn £5 

For an enhanced listing with a £20 listing fee, you you would earn £7.20


Do I earn a referral fee when I list my own dress?

No, sorry – you will only earn from other friends and users you refer. There are no earnings from your own purchases.


For how long do you record a click via my personalised referral link?

You will earn a commission for any listing placed with 30days of the visitor first clicking on your link. For example, if a visitor clicks on your link and places a paid listing on the same day, you would earn a referral fee. If a visitor clicks on your link and places a paid listing more than 30 days later, you would not earn a fee.


What about returns or cancellations?

If someone lists a dress then cancels and gets a refund, your referral fee will also be cancelled.


When do you pay?

We pay each month via Paypal to any users who have accumulated more than £20 fees.