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Second hand wedding dresses – Improving sustainability and recycling

Buy a preowned wedding dress.

Get Married.

Sell your dress to a bride-to-be.

Every action helps towards our sustainability aims.

As an industry, we have hit the reset button on weddings with the dramatic impact of the pandemic over the last couple of years. This shakeup has provided an opportunity to transform the way we do weddings for the better.

We want to help you put on a stunning and sustainable wedding that doesn’t cost a fortune!

This starts with the dress: all brides are passionate about their dresses, and yet the majority will end up never worn more than once: Censuswide reports Britons will spend more than 2.7 billion pounds on 50 million single-use outfits in a given year. For these gorgeous dresses to come out the wardrobe and make another bride’s day is a wonderful thing.


Buying or selling a preloved wedding dress doesn’t just feel great for the savings – you are also playing a part in reducing your environmental impact and making your wedding more sustainable!

Here’s why sustainability is at the heart of our work:

The stats

  • The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry.
  • 23Kg of greenhouse gasses are produced for each kilo of new fabric.
  • The average (pre-Covid) wedding produces 180Kg of rubbish and 63 tons of CO2.

What can we do?

There’s no doubt about it, we are all conscious of how our choices affect the environment. Pinterest reporting that searches for ‘low-waste wedding’ were up 239% last year, and Princess Eugenie’s plastic-free wedding of 2018 was a huge success – the push to sustainability right now is inspiring. With Bride2bride, we can help you with your first big step towards a sustainable wedding – your dress!

But how else can you reduce your environmental impact without losing any of the magic your night deserves? “Flowers, décor, invitations, and food make up a significant portion of the financial and environmental cost of a ceremony.” writes Huffpost wedding expert Mark Douglas.

It can be difficult to know how to ask your suppliers these tough questions about their sustainability goals. Sustainable florist Rachel Bull notes that “Floral foam, commonly referred to as oasis, is non-biodegradable and contains toxic substances that can be harmful to the skin.” and yet according to Sustainable Floristry Network, “72 percent of florists who use the foam dispose of it by dumping it down the sink.”

Here’s our starter for five: companies that are also committed to working with you on your sustainable, green wedding, take a look below:

Sustainable Wedding Suppliers

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  4. Reduce your food waste with olioex:
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