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Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

If you are planning your wedding this year, the wedding dress trends for 2022 are super-important! So here’s our take on what’s hot and trending when it comes to wedding dress designs, styles and bridal gown fashion.

Bridal trends are always eclectic so there will be a range of fashion options rather than one dominant theme. This also means there will be something to suit every bride regardless of size, shape or preference.

This year, in 2022, a mix of traditional and non-traditional styles are appearing in bridal collections. The modern ballgown look is still there for those brides who want to capture that princess moment on their big day.

New in for 2022 are mini dresses in a range of styles but all sharing that short hemline; in addition, you’ll find bridal separates and suits with some fabulous trousers. The feel of romance is strongly to the fore with plenty of feathers and florals and figure-hugging silhouettes and fishtail designs.

Wedding dress styles and themes

Let’s take a look in more detail at the styles and themes that have been appearing on the catwalk and are now stocked in bridal boutiques and online shops.


Flowers have always been a huge element of the bridal look but in 2022, floral motifs will dominate. Refreshing and different with a soft feminine vibe, this look can be applied to any style of dress from the formal to the boho. Add sequins for film star glamour look or match with beading for a retro 1960s vibe. Whatever style of dress you have set your heart on, floral motifs can be easily incorporated especially by a designer or seamstress after you have made your purchase. They look particularly beautiful on a train and don’t forget decoration for your hair, florals are stunning as a crown or worked through a loose or long hair style


Feathers are back big style and can be included in virtually all dress styles – some bridal gowns shout out for them. Feathers add softness and femininity to bold A-lines, look beautiful across the decolletage and at the end of long sleeves and can funk up that mini dress for a real vintage look. Not just associated with dress styles from the 1920s and 1930s, feathers can also be incorporated into trains and veils, there are just endless possibilities


Separates are back big time and work really well for the bride who wants to go bold and wear trousers, sometimes also called bridal suits. Finding a bridal top to match has always been a challenge but there are plenty of designers and couturiers who are producing stylish and striking separates for 2022. Some makers are also including jackets for a real contemporary feel, how about an oversized drapey blazer for a hippy vibe?

Deep V necklines

This daring and plunging look is not for everyone but teamed with an elegant ballgown, can make a big statement. A solid bodice with long gossamer sleeves both softens and accentuates a deep V neckline to perfection, and this style has proved very popular on the catwalks this year

Sexy silhouettes

Move over meringues, the figure-hugging look is back on trend. Think full length, mermaid with long gossamer fitted sleeves and a high collar – figure hugging doesn’t have to be cheap-looking, it can be chic, sophisticated and glamorous. Match with a short fishtail train and hair that is worn up to complete the look. Long sleeves can be swapped for off the shoulder or completely bare arms. Micro weddings form part of the stripped back trend – choose an elegant, clean cut silhouette dress with no veil and just a simple flower arrangement, stylish yet minimalist

Balloon puff sleeves

Regency romance is back, part of the love affair with Bridgeton and bell and puff sleeves are all part of that look, perfect with either a figure-hugging full-length gown or a traditional A-line skirt. The amount of exaggeration on the sleeve depends entirely on preference. A simple white full-length dress with no embellishment and a slightly flared skirt can be taken to the next level with some slight ballooning on the shoulder and loose arms – don’t forget. It softens and feminises an otherwise stark or simple design

Thigh-high slits

Top designers like Ines Di Santo and Fifth & Welshire have taken the plunge and gone for thigh-high splits, definitely a design that works for some brides and not for others. This feature works well with a full circular skirt not least of all because it is easy to walk in and the Grecian or Romanesque style of dress. It is a classy look, but choice of fabric is important

Transitional pieces

This style really refers to removal pieces so think ‘barely there’ bridal capes, overskirts and removable sleeves which are akin to the long evening gloves worn to a formal ball or event. Transitional pieces work well because they can change the look of the bride from the ceremony to the reception or between a day and evening function. It is a timeless concept and one which bridal industry pundits expect to be around for several seasons

Mini dresses

Back with a vengeance and available in an endless range of styles and designs, there is literally nothing you cannot do with a mini dress. One of the key advantages of a mini wedding dress is comfort, they are easy to move around without a train (unless you really want one) and with no risk of catching the hem on a heel or struggling to sit, dance or walk upstairs. A mini dress is a real alternative to the full-length traditional gown

Corset bodices

Is this also the Bridgeton influence…softly romantic, the corset bodice can be matched with long, short or no sleeves and this look teams equally well with boho or ballgown


The ultimate in romance and fru-fru, layers and layers of tulle make the maximum statement, think ruffles, puff sleeves and glamorous fabrics, the idea is total ballerina fairy tale with no holds barred


It’s already a trend but one which is set to continue into 2022. Whimsical, elegant, relaxed, romantic, boho can be one of many looks and incorporates a range of styles and dress fabrics. It is unfussy and free flowing and works well with the strong floral theme of 2022 and especially for an outdoor summer wedding

Square necklines

A contra to the scalloped and sweetheart neckline, the square style is partly a nod to Bridgeton but also sits well with mini dresses and ultra-simple, chic full-length gowns with more than a nod to 1960s glamour

Your wedding dress design

There is so much more to wedding dress design than just the design! Many designers start with a fabric like organza which is hugely trending for 2022 and then let that dictate the dress style. Broderie anglaise is back (if it ever went away), feminine yet chic, it can be boho or elegant and works really well with floral motifs and applique.

What about wedding dress colour?

Pastel tones are creeping in and becoming very popular, think blush and peach and hues of dusky blue and gold, definitely bridal but just a little bit different. One thing is for sure, the use of colour is subtle and not the strong colour splashes seen in previous years.

Many bridal dress shows were produced online this year due to the pandemic, remember that next year’s collections were showcased in the spring of this year as the industry works around 12 months ahead. What this gave fashionistas the chance to explore was more of a film like visual which involved setting, environment and the personality of the model. This actually gave the dresses much more of a 3-D effect than the traditional in person catwalk shows which can be limited and one dimensional. These are worth looking at online if you are still yet to choose your wedding dress design. You can search for wedding dresses by colour here on Bride2Bride.

Wedding dress trends: Top Tips

  • Be inspired by the trends for 2022 but always choose a dress style which suits your size and figure rather than slavishly follow fashion
  • Be comfortable in what you wear – there’s no point if you don’t like it and not all of the trends for 2022 will be to every bride’s taste
  • Your big wedding dress hit of 2022 is the dress you choose for your day not what the magazines and the internet are saying you should be wearing
  • Whatever dress you choose, a seamstress will ensure the perfect fit and it’s amazing how much of an impact they can have. This is also an opportunity to customise and personalise a gown, adding features or taking away elements that don’t work for you
  • Stay strong, stick to your guns and only take advice from people you really trust
  • Never be tempted by really silly price tags, it’s only too easy to regret an outrageously expensive purchase, the best wedding dress for you is not always the most expensive