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Reasons to buy a second hand wedding dress

Nowadays, we’re always looking not only for ways to cut costs, but also ways to recycle and reuse, and weddings are no exception. One way to both help the planet, and save some cash is to buy a preloved dress.

A preloved wedding dress is a dress that has already been worn down the aisle, but is in good enough condition to be worn again. Brides advertise their once-worn dresses on online marketplaces like Bride2Bride to give other brides-to-be a chance to get their dream wedding dress for less. Comparably, buying second hand is much cheaper than buying brand new. This is a great way to cut costs if your budget is low, or you would rather put the money towards another aspect of your wedding. You’ll also be recycling a worn-once dress that might otherwise be gathering dust in someone’s wardrobe.

Second hand dresses are generally marked down by between 40-80% of the retail price, depending on the designer and the condition of the dress. You may also be able to buy bridal accessories that go with the dress, such as a veil or shoes.

When you consider that the average bride will spend around £1,500 on a wedding dress, the savings available from buying second hand are hard to resist. Considering you will wear this dress only once, you might prefer to spend that budget on your honeymoon, or your dream wedding venue instead.

You can also consider the environmental benefits of buying second hand. Reducing textile waste helps the environment by giving an old dress a new lease of life, and helps reduce the impact a piece of clothing has on the environment.

If you’re thinking of buying second hand, Bride2Bride has a huge range of dresses available. You can choose from a style you have in mind, or browse and find a dress that’s perfect for your wedding day.