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Are you planning a sustainable wedding?

We know that sustainability isn’t top of everyone’s agenda, but if you’re even a little bit concerned about your carbon footprint there are a few steps you can take to make your wedding one that helps rather than harms the environment – without in any way spoiling the party!

When you’re choosing a venue, a florist or a baker for your wedding cake, make sure you chat to everyone to find out whether they use local suppliers of food and flowers in season. It can be a brilliant way to get to know local businesses who are passionate about sustainability. If you’re really lucky, you might find a florist who grows their own supplies or a catering company who donate leftovers – it’s easy to do through

When you’re choosing wedding invitations, make sure that you check the paper is recycled. Or consider sending save-the-dates and even your invites online; there are some brilliant options available now, with elegant designs as well as quirky and fun styles. Check out to get a flavour of what’s possible.

Everyone loves a touch of vintage and there’s no better way to make this part of your wedding than to borrow or track down a vintage hair accessory, piece of jewellery or a veil. It can be so special to wear something that someone close to you wore on their big day, whether it’s family from years back or a best friend from a wedding that you were part of just recently. Share the love!

Of course, your wedding dress is one of the biggest ways in which to make a difference. Picking a preloved dress (that’s only been worn once after all!) is a true eco choice. There are thousands of beautiful wedding dresses available on Bride2Bride and you’re bound to find a dress that totally makes your day.

Think about dressing your bridesmaids in vintage mix & match dresses too – it can look incredibly stylish and make a real statement.

The really good news? By doing any of this, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment but you’re likely to have knocked a significant amount off your wedding budget too. So everyone’s a winner!