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Create A Vintage Twist To Your Wedding With Eco-Friendly Credentials

It’s your fabulous wedding and it’s essential to get everything perfect: yes to elegant designs, but what about adding a vintage twist? And will it be eco-friendly?

We’ve seen the vintage theme really take off – with amazing designs from the art-deco 1940s through to the 1970s back in fashion. These look fantastic, but also help with the budget as buying a vintage dress can significantly help with the overall cost.

As an added bonus, if you go for a vintage theme, you’re on your way to delivering an eco-friendly wedding.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

An increasing number of people have awareness of eco-friendly lifestyles. Locally-sourced flowers and food contribute low transport costs, plastic-free weddings ensure you don’t add to one-time use plastic waste, and other carbon-offsetting details can make your wedding eco-oriented. And yes, wearing a vintage wedding dress also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding whilst still keeping the designs elegant and you looking stunning.

Vintage Second Hand Dresses

While the textile industry contributes to a sizable percentage of our global carbon footprint, going for a second hand or vintage wedding dresses allows you to do your bit in reducing these harmful outputs. And it helps with your budget as second hand vintage wedding gowns are typically sold for between half and third of their original price. Because these dresses were worn only once, they should still look brand new. This decision has positive implications to both your finances and the environment.

If you are looking for ways to create an elegant, eco-friendly wedding with a vintage twist, keep reading as we share some tips on how to do just that.

Here are some tips on how to have an elegant wedding with a vintage twist this summer:

Choose A Pre-Owned Wedding Dress – you can find a beautifully designed vintage wedding dress at many pre-owned dress shops that will add some authenticity to your event without adding a lot to your budget. As you’ll know, in the United Kingdom, wedding costs are high and by choosing a gorgeous second hand designer wedding dress you can save a lot of time and money spent shopping for a dress.

Create A Vintage Theme – what’s a vintage wedding without a vintage theme? Choose a 1940s art deco style or a 1970s throwback and you’ll find creating a vintage theme for your wedding can be a lot of fun and it can give it a more luxurious and elegant look with a real sense of originality.

It Shows Off Your Personality – for most couples, modern wedding trends don’t often match their personality. The new trend among today’s couples is retro and that includes creating a retro themed wedding. Adding vintage décor, or period-specific pieces can transform any wedding reception into a time machine which can give your guests a glimpse of the past, and your own unique personality, if only for an evening.

Quality– this is where an elegant vintage wedding dress can really shine. Despite their age, these dresses were made to perfection using incredible quality material. In fact, pre-1960s wedding dresses were known for their extraordinary craftsmanship and quality. Vintage wedding dresses will remain vintage and they could become a worthwhile investment, if properly stored and maintained.

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