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Top 10 Summer Wedding Dress Trends

Planning your summer wedding? The time of year that you chose to get married can have a big impact on the style of dress you want for your big day, particularly in the summer.

Whether you are heading for a destination beach wedding or staying at home and hoping for a sunny day, we’ve brought you the top ten summer wedding dress trends. They’re not all for warm weather though, after all, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a ballgown in July!


After Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding, minimalism is a trend that is here to stay through the summer months with dresses perfect for warmer weather.

Classically elegant, even the simplest dress can make you look like a princess, and it means that you can accessorize however much or little you want.

This year minimalism has gone more architectural in style, giving dresses a chic edge.


Something blue has taken off big time in the wedding world. A hint of colour in a skirt or bodice can give your gown that summery look and is a great way to express your personality.

A soft blue is the most popular at the moment, as it gives a lovely ethereal feel when paired with ivory.

Leaf Appliqué

Bringing it back to nature but with a twist of the floral trend, is a more foliage inspired appliqué design. This gives a dress a natural yet distinctly art deco look, that has a summer feel without being too casual. It’s elegant and stylish and works equally well over either ivory or nude.

Off the Shoulder

An off the shoulder dress is the perfect summer wedding look as you won’t need to cover up with a shawl. Great for a more relaxed boho feel, you can have the support of sleeves while still creating an amazing neckline.

This look works equally well at a beach wedding or at a sophisticated city ceremony.


Bows are back. Whether as a cute added detail, or as a statement piece, they are being used in a lot of dresses this summer as a chic addition to any style of dress. The great thing about bows is that they are versatile. They come in a range of designs so that they can suit whatever look you are going for.

Want a pop of colour on your dress? Add a sash around your waist tied into a neat bow at the back.

Robe Dresses

Not something that everyone is going to want, but we love all of the robe dresses that we’ve seen. Floaty and comfortable, they seem to glide down the aisle while still providing the bride with that elegant look. Great for a destination wedding with a luxurious feel, these dresses look great with statement wedding jewellery.


Statement sleeves are still in style, and recently they have only been getting bigger. There is a trend for longer, trailing sleeves, which we love the idea of. Perfect for a romantic outdoor summer wedding, you’ll look like a medieval princess in long sheer lace sleeves.

A new look for 2019 is the detachable sleeve. This means that you can have them on during the ceremony and pictures, and not have to worry about dipping them into your dinner!

Tiered Skirts

Tiered skirts are everywhere this summer and have had something of a makeover. They give a structured yet flowing silhouette and are another great option for the summer, as they add movement but not weight.

You can get these dresses as full lace, yet their tiered structure breaks it up and they never become fussy. You can also find them in just plain tulle, for a more minimalist look. They are perfect for a taller woman who can wear the ruffles with ease.

Two Piece

Two piece wedding dresses have been around for a while, but they are still a popular 2019 summer dress trend. With many collections you can mix and match your skirt and top, meaning that you can create exactly the look that you want. You can even change the skirt for something easier to dance in when the party starts!

Halter Neck

Most likely inspired by Meghan Markle’s evening reception dress, the halter neck is a really flattering neckline on a lot of people, and an amazing summer look. These dresses come in a vast array of styles that will suit any wedding while still giving that cold shoulder style that works so well for a wedding in the warmer months.


There you have it, our 10 favourite wedding trends for summer 2019. Of course, don’t forget that you can also be on-trend while buying a preowned gown – here at Bride2Bride many of the dresses advertised have never been worn, so take a look at our range of dresses.