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20 wedding bloggers and influencers to follow

One of the biggest challenges of getting married is that there always seems to be just too much choice and too many amazing themes, ideas or concepts available.  The wedding industry has never been bigger or more popular and now given a real shot in the arm after the Covid restrictions have (mostly) lifted.

The web has made it possible to indulge in more images, ideas and information and sometimes, rather than being a good thing, too much choice is just a bit overwhelming and confusing.  The power of the internet means that searching is just endless, there is always another designer or another venue and rather than help provide informed choice, the internet at large seems to just about do the opposite. 

Organising all of this information into something useful and informative is one of the biggest challenges for a bride-to-be to sort through… so why not turn to someone who curates and filters ideas … obviously, Bride2bride is a must-visit 🙂 but take a look at some of the incredible wedding bloggers and influencers who have brought some order into all the options out there.

In the light of the ‘too much information’ vibe of the internet, many brands and organisations rely on bloggers and influencers to do the talking for them as it can be almost impossible to stand out otherwise.  Everyone these days has a slick website and good content jostling for position on a very crowded stage, the way to really make your mark is to have a blog with a lot of traction or be an influencer which is someone prominent on social media who gains a lot of followers.

How can a wedding blogger help a bride to be?

A blogger or a social media influencer builds up a connection with their followers so they start to trust them and listen to their advice.  Specialist bloggers and influencers in the wedding industry can help to make sense of the overload of online information and streamline it into palatable and bite sized chunks. 

Here are 20 of the best bloggers and influencers to follow if you are looking for guidance, advice and insight when it comes to planning your big day.

Wedding bloggers

Many big wedding websites will feature blogs but they are often written by a variety of different people, these bloggers are the real deal with wedding experience and an established following.

  • Georgia Tolley – Before the Big Daythis award-winning and wedding-obsessive blogger is famous for money saving hints most people have never even heard of
  • Louise Baltruschat – Whimsical Wonderland Weddingsout of the box wedding ideas and inspiration to cover every wedding type and genre, a great find if you are yet to decide on a wedding style and this is a blog readers can contribute to as well
  • Kelly Hood – Boho Weddingsa wedding planner turned blogger, Kelly Hood knows what she is talking about and her famous “A-Z of Everything” is one list no bride should be without
  • Annabel Beeforth – Love My Dressimmerse yourself in wedding dresses with easy filters to search by era, colour, designer or style, this is all about real life weddings and real people
  • Charlotte O’Shea – Rock My Weddingthis is a blog run by a full-time team of wedding gurus so a comprehensive advice service plus a buy and sell wedding dress facility
  • Emily Pettiford and Jessica Turley – Bespoke Bridethese two wedding obsessives gather advice from industry experts doing all the hard work so you don’t have to, spot new trends and find suppliers plus enjoy free downloads
  • Kat Williams – Rock n Roll BrideAvant garde in bucket loads, this blog is sexy, edgy and exciting and a must read for brides who want something just a little or even very different
  • Claire Gould – English Wedding Bloglet Claire Gould, part-time wedding calligrapher find the best of wedding venues throughout the British Isles and she really demonstrates that you don’t need a sky high budget to have a great and stylish wedding.  Claire invites contributions from brides with their own stories and images which gives this blog a real community vibe and takes the heat out of wedding hype
  • Laura and Kelly – Festival Bridesblend festivals and weddings if you love both of these things, this is so different from the usual wedding blog
  • Louise Beukes – B. Loved Weddingsadvice, hints and ideas from a wedding stylist who has caught the eye of several top wedding magazines, this is one blogger who leads the way when it comes to design for your big day
  • OMGImGettingMarried – advice, guides and ideas to help you at every stage of planning, preparing and organising every part of your wedding

Wedding Influencers

Influencers tend to be more of a social media phenomenon and Instagram is the place to go to find the best trendsetters.  Lots of influencers can be famous, well for just being famous with legions of followers but in the wedding industry, small is mighty and some of the best influencers don’t necessarily have the largest followings but they still have something really tangible to offer a bride planning her big day.

Influencers can be personal, it’s like following a friend, a real insight into one particular aspect of a wedding day.  Most wedding influencers are there to either comment or sell a service so you might prefer to follow one who is more closely allied to being a blogger and who offers tips and insights or you may find a particular influencer offering a wedding service that you just can’t do without.  Here are 10 of the best.

Holly Honeywell Weddingsthis Norwich-based wedding stylist specialises in prop hire and sign writing for the ultimate in the personal touch for your big day

Oak Leaf Weddings and Eventsrun by Becky Ioanna, this is a wedding and events planning and management service on hand for a full wedding support service or just distinct elements of your special day

Unique Designs by Tina – based in Devon, hire props and decoration for your wedding with easy delivery and styling advice available

Victoria Jayne Weddingswedding planning in the Cotswolds and beyond with creativity by the bucket load and something unique for every bride

Manchester Bridal Beefor venues in the North West, follow Montana as she explores just what this part of the country has to offer the blushing bride

Peonies and Lacepure and simple wedding inspiration on all aspects of the big day from dresses to cakes, themes to decor

Lottie Dainton   – Lottie is a freelance writer who taps into the wedding market in a variety of different ways from blogs through to ideas for beauty tips and makeup and trending advice features

Charlotte Nichols Weddingsa smorgasbord of stylish weddings with endless Instagram images of real people, Charlotte Nichols is a wedding planner based in the English countryside and breathing life into different wedding celebrations, one to follow just for the sheer variety and endless designs that she produces

Peony and Blush Weddingsstyling and stylish, this is one for the fashionistas with more than a big dollop of pink and white candy cuteness.  Produced by sisters-in-law Adele and Ally, they draw on inspirations from their own wedding shoots as well as trending wedding themes

The Rustic Dresserfor all things rustic, chic and rural, follow Laura as she produces endless wedding styling ideas in a rural setting, from castles to timbered barns, outdoor forest settings and a whole host of other unusual and green locations, one to watch if you want a country wedding but haven’t yet settled on a venue or style


Following bloggers and social media influencers can cut out all the white noise of the internet and the pure overload of wedding information that is out there.  Much of what can be found online is generic, it’s not clear who has written it and it could be biased.  Following a blogger or influencer on a regular basis can help weed out the volume, this person becomes a go to source, an inspiration, a trusted adviser plus many bloggers include real life wedding stories and images and these are usually weddings they have been involved in with their own business.  Let’s face it, can you really believe all those stylised pictures you see online, are they even real brides?

The web is a classic example of ‘too much information’ – bloggers and influences quieten down the noise and make it accessible for the overloaded, overwhelmed bride, streamlining all this data into real life advice and genuine wedding situations – they are like a filter, a type of online magazine which brides to be look forward to following every time it is updated. 

Find a blogger or influencer that fits your style and you’ll have tapped into a smart way to keep up to date with the latest fashion, trends, ideas and new releases.