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Would you ever dare to ‘Trash the Dress’?

One way to get totally unique and stunning wedding photographs is to follow the style of bridal photography that’s known as ‘trash the dress’, ‘fearless bridal’ or ‘rock the frock’. It’s pretty extreme but amazingly effective! The photographs are taken in locations that are the total opposite to a formal wedding setting and let’s just say that the dress doesn’t look quite the same afterwards…. Check out our Pinterest board for some breath-taking examples.

trash wedding dressOne of the most popular locations is the beach or pool – cue romantic photos of couples kissing underwater or fun shots of them holding hands and jumping into the waves. Dresses covered in mud or sand are other common themes, but some of the most stylish shots are taken in an urban setting, particularly in abandoned buildings. Also hot right now is the happy couple throwing neon powder bombs at each other, with fantastic photos resulting.

Trash wedding dressTrash the Dress is often said to have been started in 2001 by iconic Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper but film buffs amongst you might be able to think of more than a few Hollywood moments that have inspired brides and grooms when planning their wedding photography along these lines.

Of course, at Bride2Bride we’re huge fans of the trend, as the advice most often given to brides who are considering it is to buy a pre-owned dress. And that’s what where we can help! If trashing the dress appeals to you, you’re bound to find a wedding dress you love for a reasonable price at