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When should I buy my dress?

Planning for your wedding? You’ll want to make sure you allocate enough time to hunt for your perfect wedding dress, especially if you’re shopping on a tight budget, or you’ve got a highly specific vision in mind.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend that you start searching for your dress at least 10 months before the big day. In this blog post, we walk you through the different milestones that you’ll hit within this period of time, and tell you what to expect!

10 months before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Come up with a budget for your dress
  • Think about what silhouette you’d like

First things first: you’ll want to decide on a budget for your wedding dress, so you won’t end up spending too much. Don’t forget that on top of paying for the actual dress, you’ll be spending on your veil, plus paying for alterations, and shipping.

Once you’ve got your budget worked out, do some research and think about what silhouette you’re going for. There are various things you can do here, including searching on Pinterest, browsing wedding magazines, and taking those online quizzes to figure what silhouette best suits your body shape. If you’re not sure where to start, you might find this guide to wedding dresses for different body shapes helpful.

9 months before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Start shopping for your wedding dress

Shopping for a dress 9 months ahead might seem awfully early, but bear in mind that some brides might fall for a certain style right away, and others might try on 20 to 30 dresses before finding a look they love.

Even if you’re planning to buy online to make the most of your budget, it’s a good idea to visit a bridal boutique and try on a few dresses to check that the silhouette you’ve chosen suits your figure.

7 months before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

• Buy your wedding dress

Now that you’re 7 months away from your wedding, it’s time to commit to a dress! If you’re buying from a boutique, you will probably be asked to sign a contract and put down a deposit. Remember to ask the boutique when your dress will arrive – this might take anywhere from 16 to 20 weeks. One big advantage of buying online from a website such as Bride2Bride is that you’ll receive your dress super quickly and will be able to make sure that all your accessories look just perfect with it.

4 months before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Buy your undergarments
  • Buy your shoes
  • Think about your veil and hair accessories

To go into your first fitting being as prepared as possible, shop for your undergarments and shoes ahead of time. While you can purchase your veil and hair accessories later, it helps to think of what type of accessories complement your dress, so do your research in advance.

2 to 3 months before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Make sure the dress fits you like a dream – arrange fittings and make arrangements for any necessary alterations
  • Purchase your veil and hair accessories

If you can, try on your wedding undergarments and shoes (and your hair accessories if you have them) to check that everything looks perfect together.

2 weeks before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Try your dress on to make sure it still fits exactly as it should
  • Practice walking in your shoes

Don’t do a final fitting too early, because you won’t want to have lost or gained weight before your wedding. Practice walking in your shoes, and make sure everything’s good to go.

3 days before your wedding

Tasks to complete:

  • Put together an emergency kit

Almost there! Three days before your wedding, put together an emergency kit with safety pins, stain remover, fashion tape, and anything else you might need.

That’s basically it… all that’s left to do is to get married! ;)

Don’t have time to shop for your dress 10 months in advance?

If you don’t have time to get started with wedding dress shopping that far in advance, one easy workaround is to purchase a preloved dress from Bride2Bride.

Depending on the seller that you’re liaising with, you could potentially have your dress with you within a few days of deciding that you want to purchase it. Of course, you’ll still have to allocate time to alterations and fittings, but you’ll shave months of the entire process!