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Trend – Vintage Weddings

We’re absolutely loving seeing more and more photos of hugely chic vintage style weddings. They’re becoming more popular for several reasons – the new focus on having a conscious wedding; the desire to have a truly unique day and the fact that it’s now so easy to find everything for your perfect vintage wedding online.

The Ring

Is there anything more special than passing a ring down through the family? Or buying a vintage ring and imaging the love stories behind it? Whether you’re inspired by romance or the environment, take a look at what’s out there in online vintage stores before you rush to buy new.

The Invites

The range of invite styles available today is almost overwhelming and it can be easier to look for a particular style that you’ve already set your heart on. Find a photo that you love from a wedding in days gone by – or ask relatives what their invites looked like – and you’re bound to be able to find something similar online.

The Flowers

Vintage style flowers are often beautifully informal – soft, muted colours and a loose arrangement will give that vintage feel. Often the bouquets are tied with lace or velvet ribbon and, as they’re made up of traditional flowers, it means that they’re likely to be highly scented too. Vintage style flowers complement lace dresses brilliantly and also look perfect with a floral crown.

The Shoes

If you’ve chosen to follow a theme of a particular era, you will love looking for shoes in the right style. Vintage shoe styles are always a joy to shop for – oh, the glamour! From a peep toe through bridal booties to a Mary Jane, there’s the perfect shoe for you waiting out there somewhere.

The Dress

Of course, the dress…. we’re experts in vintage dresses, as we see so many wonderful vintage and vintage style wedding gowns for sale on Bride2Bride. If you don’t have a dress stored in a family attic somewhere, we’ve got the next best thing. Have a browse through our retro and vintage categories – 1920s flapper girl styles, tea dresses, off the shoulder glamour gowns and more.