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Sell My Wedding Dress or Wedding Gown on Bride2Bride

 Are you looking to sell your wedding dress?

    Bride2Bride is the original wedding marketplace and is a fast, effective way to sell your wedding dress. We make it quick, easy and cost-effective to sell your preowned wedding dress.

    Here's how it works:

  1. To get started, click on the Sell My Dress button at the top of the screen.
  2. You'll need to setup your new user account on Bride2Bride - which takes seconds.
  3. You can now list your dress - start by choosing the category.
  4. Describe your wedding dress, if you're stuck with writer's block, give the facts then add why you chose it. And remember to write about any special features or custom work.
  5. Select the designer, the colour of your wedding dress, size, and style.
  6. Set your price for your dress. (Be realistic! Take a look on Bride2Bride for other dresses from the same designer to help you set the right price.)
  7. Add your contact details (only your user name is displayed publicly; your email address/phone is hidden)
  8. Add images and make sure they are the right way up! (high-quality images of the dress being worn work best)
  9. Choose how long you want your listing to run for (most people go for 12months, but you might have a holiday planned, so you can choose a shorter period.)
  10. Pay the one-off fee (see our simple pricing plans) - there's no additional commission to pay.
  11. That's it. Your dress is now listed and you just need to remember to check your messages and read our guide to safe selling.

    Oops, made a mistake? No problem: log in to Bride2Bride and you can make changes to your advert and add extra photos.

    A quick tip: To help spread the word, post a link to your listing on your social media profile (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work well).

    Stay safe when selling your dress, view our FAQs and do not send your dress without payment; we would strongly suggest you ask for payment via an escrow service (such as Transpact or Escrow), by issuing a Paypal money request from your Paypal account, by bank transfer, or cash. Cheques and Paypal confirmation emails can be scams, so be very careful