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What is the cost to register on this site?

Nothing. There are no registration fees for Personal buyers or sellers. Business users (that is, if you trade for business) should use the great-value business subscription package.

How much does it cost for sellers to place listings?

Does Bride2Bride buy items?

Sorry, no. We only offer a marketplace for you to advertise your items for sale to visitors.

Does Bride2Bride have a shop?

Sorry, no. We are an online-only marketplace for you to advertise your items for sale to visitors.

Can I view and compare selected dresses?

Yes - use the heart icon to the top left of any listing; click the heart icon and the listing will be added to your watch list (you need a free account, so you will be prompted to login or register for a free account).

My dress is handmade, can I still list it?

Yes! Select the 'other designer' category and describe it clearly with great photos.

Why aren't my photos displaying?

Our photo server is normally very reliable, so worth first checking that you have uploaded your images by logging in to your account, click My Active Listings, then click Manage Listing and the middle Edit button. You can then view and edit the Media (pictures). Two common problems are that you have tried to upload a format that isn't supported (we support jpg, gif, png) or the file is too big (max size is 3Mb). If you have tried to edit your photos and they don't show up, you might not have completed the editing process (images are hidden from the live site during editing). Make sure you click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to complete the edit process and save your changes.

Help, my photos are displayed sideways!

You can easily rotate your photos. Log into your account, click My Active Listings, then click Manage Listing and the middle Edit button. You can then view and edit your Media (pictures). Use the blue rotate icon (top right) to rotate your photo by 90-deg per click. Remember to click the Continue button to save your rotate image changes. If the site is busy, sometimes your changes won't show immediately and might take a few minutes to display correctly.

Can I change the details on my listing once I've added it?

You can edit your listing or change the photos at any time. Log in to your account and then click on My Active Listings. You will then see your current listing. Click on Manage Listing button and it will display three icons (to share, edit, delete your listing). Click on Edit listing (the middle icon). You can now edit the category (ie if it is a wedding dress or a different item), edit the details and text of your listing, or edit and add images.

How can I delete my listing?

You can delete your listing at any time. Log in to your account and then click on My Active Listings. You will then see your current listing. Click on Manage Listing button and it will display three icons (to share, edit, delete your listing). Click on Delete listing (the right-hand icon).

How long will my listing be on the site for?

Your listing will be live on the site for up to 12 months (you decide when you post your listing). We will then send you an email notification to say that we have expired your advert and you have the option to relist it with a single click. You can keep doing this for as long as your item takes to sell.

What's the best way to receive payment for my item?

Unless you are meeting face to face (and receive a cash payment for your item), we recommend using a third party payment provider such as PayPal. In the event of a dispute, PayPal has its own Resolution Centre, but do make sure you meet the requirements of the seller protection scheme.

How do I know if the buyer is genuine?

Whilst we hope all the buyers on Bride2Bride will be genuine , please be mindful that the person you are conversing with may not be who you think. Be extremely cautious if the potential buyer does any of the following:

  • Offers to pay more than your asking price.
  • Offers to pay via money order, Moneygram, Western Union or another untraceable method.
  • Sends you a link to PayPal, where you are then asked to re-enter your information. You should NEVER submit your information unless you've entered through PayPal's homepage.
  • Asks you to send the item before the funds have cleared into your bank account. You should always wait for funds to have cleared before handing over your item. Please report any suspicious behaviour to [email protected]
  • How do I post an item out once it's been sold?

    Ensure that your item is adequately packaged to prevent damage whilst in transit. Always obtain proof of posting and ensure the parcel is insured against loss up to the full value of the item. The Post Office provides a free Certificate of Posting for free, which gives compensation for lower value items. A specialist courier company may also be able to assist you.

    Should I get my wedding dress dry cleaned before I sell it?

    This is entirely up to you, but please state in your listing whether or not it has been cleaned, and whether there is any stains/damage on the dress. You will also need to reflect the cleaning costs in your asking price - it can cost £80-£100 for professional cleaning, so buyers will need to factor this into their budget when deciding to buy your dress.

    How do I buy items through Bride2Bride?

    You will need to contact the seller directly to arrange to view/buy the items. Once you have made contact and would like to definitely go ahead with the purchase, you will need to discuss a payment method with them. We would either recommend either cash on collection if possible, or using a third party payment provider such as PayPal.

    How do I contact a seller?

    Every listing will have a "Message Seller" button, where you can send an enquiry straight to their inbox. Alternatively the seller might have chosen to provide their telephone number, in which case you can call them directly.

    How do I search for wedding items?

    Searching is easy - you can either Browse by Category (Wedding Dresses, Wedding decorations etc) or search by keyword. Bride2Bride allows you to then narrow down your search by location, colour, wedding theme and much more.

    How do I find wedding items near where I live?

    From the Search page, you can either enter your postcode into the box on the left hand side, or a little lower down you can browse by county.

    Who pays for postage?

    Postage may be included in the item's price, but make sure this is discussed before you purchase the item, as this might be an additional cost you have to pay.

    How do I know if I am buying from a Bride or a Business?

    We have Brides as well as Businesses selling their items via Bride2Bride, however you will clearly be able to identify which is which. All of our Business listings will have a button on them saying "Business Listing", and once viewing an individual listing, it will clearly state their business name, and have links to their "Bride2Bride shop" where you can view all items for sale from that Business, as well as click through to their website.

    How do I know if the seller is genuine?

    Whilst the majority of people advertising on Bride2Bride will be lovely, friendly people selling genuine items, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting caught out:

  • Be wary of any adverts that contain very poor English, or are offering something that seems too good to be true - they nearly always are!
  • Avoid sellers asking for transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram - these methods are favoured by fraudsters and should be avoided.
  • Consider paying by the seller by PayPal as they offer compensation if you do not receive the item, or you find it is significantly not as described. See their website for details of their Buyer Protection Scheme.
  • If a Seller is reluctant to provide any additional photos of the item, or does not allow you to view the item in person ahead of buying it, proceed with caution. There may be a genuine reason for this, but be alert to any suspicious behaviour.
  • Be wary of sellers who ask for lots of personal information from you, and are unable to provide you with adequate details of the item they are selling.
  • If you can view the item in person, we would always recommend this.
  • How do I report a suspicious listing?

    Please email [email protected] or contact us via Facebook straight away if you suspect any listing is not genuine.

    How do I find what I'm looking for?

    You have several options:

  • We offer a quick search form on the front page for you to enter keywords to search.
  • We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria.
  • We offer browsing filters when you are browsing by category.
  • If you already know what you are looking for you can browse the categories listed on the left side of the site's pages.
  • Can I save items to revisit later?

    Yes. You can maintain your own "favorites" list within your account. Each listing on our site has an "add to favorites" link. Simply click that link and we will add that item to your favorites list.

    What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

    You can set up search filters within your account area. Our site will then screen all new listings, as they are placed on the site, and if an item is listed that meets your filter (search) criteria, we will automatically send you an email notification.

    How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

    We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous.

    Why should I subscribe as a business?

    We're a great way to reach your target audience! Find out more in our guide for business users.