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How to get the best of out a wedding dress fitting

second hand wedding dressYour wedding dress fitting is one of the most important days in the run up to your wedding. You want to make sure you look the best on your big day, and that means you’ll want your wedding dress to fit you perfectly, and make you look and feel amazing! Even if you are buying preloved, such as from bride2bride, getting the right fit on your wedding dress is so important. Here’s our top tips to get the best out of your wedding dress fitting, even if you’re buying preloved!

Know your measurements

If you’re buying a preloved wedding dress, it’s so important to get properly measured before you start browsing! Once you know your key measurements, it’ll be easier to filter down and find the dresses that are the best fit for you. It can be a little tricky, as the seller might have had their dress altered to fit their specific shape. It’s always a good idea to buy a little up in size, and getting your dress taken in for a custom fit.

Check for defects

Look for wear and tear at the hemline and the top of the bust line, or the underarm area. It’s ok to message the seller and ask specific questions, or to meet the bride who’s selling the dress to take a look at it. After all, it’s your wedding day and you’ll want to get it right! If there’s tears or dirt at the hemline that can’t be concealed or taken up, rethinking buying, especially if there are major rips.

Buy your shoes and undergarments first

This way, when you try on the dress for the first time, you’ll know exactly what it’s going to look like on your big day, to avoid any nasty surprises. The wrong bra can make a good dress fit badly, and you don’t want to buy your pre-loved dress, then realise the shoes you want to wear make it too short for you. If you don’t have the exact shoes, bring a pair of similar height so you can get a good idea of what they will look like.

Know your ideal hairstyle beforehand

Wearing your hair up or down can transform your bridal look, so you’ll want to have an idea before you go in and try dresses on. A beautiful back detail could be hidden if you have your hair down for example, or certain styles might lean themselves more towards a certain hairstyle.

If you are looking for a preloved wedding dress, is the best place to find a dress that’s perfect for you, at a reasonable price. And once you’ve celebrated a fantastic wedding, make sure to come back for a great to sell you dress.