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How to Carefully Store your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the biggest fashion investments you’ll ever make – both financially and emotionally!  Whether you’re looking to keep your wedding dress in mint condition ahead of the big day or you’re looking to store it safely before selling it on via Bride2Bride, we’ve put together a few top tips to make sure your bridal outfit remains flawless…

Ask your Boutique

Every wedding dress will need storing in a slightly different way and we’re sure every designer / boutique will offer varied advice! They’ll have extensive knowledge of the individual dress itself – from the lace detailing, the garment bang, any embellishments and quite simply, how the dress should be hung overtime. Put your boutique on the top of your list of people to ask – their opinion and advice is key!

Where should you store it?

Your wedding dress is most likely to remain in pristine condition if it’s stored in a cool, dry and dark place. It is vital that you keep it away from direct sunlight, and make sure you’re careful about what it’s surrounded by, avoiding anything musty or odorous. It is also worth popping in some silica gel packs to absorb any moisture, while allowing your dress to steal breathe.

Hang your Gown Properly

You’d be surprised to know that hanging your dress for weeks, months and years can often damage it – particularly if it’s heavy loaded with material or embellishments. Make sure you use the hanging ribbons (usually found within the gown) rather than using the straps on the shoulders, evenly distributing the weight across the hanger.

While we’re on the topic of a hanger, ensure you invest in a good quality hanger – ideally one that is strong and well-padded. Double-check there is enough space within the wardrobe, so your dress isn’t crammed in with potential to crease.

Don’t forget to make sure you handle your dress with either clean and dry hands or if you want to be really careful, we suggest wearing white gloves. It’s incredibly easy to get marks on your gown and equally as difficult to remove them!

Shoes, Accessories & Jewellery

We recommend storing bridal shoes, accessories and jewellery in their original packaging and boxes. Similarly to your wedding dress, store them in a safe place – but remember where you’ve left them! Put your wedding veil in a breathable garment bag (hung or folded), always ensuring it is out of direct sunlight.

We hope you’re feeling completely clued up on how you can carefully store your wedding dress – whether it’s prior to the big day or because you’re looking to sell it onto another beautiful bride-to-be after the big day. You can check out our quick step process on how to list your pre-loved wedding dress right here.