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Getting ready for an Autumn wedding

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you may have found yourself having to move your special day to Autumn. Although Spring and Summer are typically the most common wedding dates, an autumn wedding should certainly not be written off. There are lots of pros to having a wedding during the chillier season, so here are some of our favourite ideas for your perfect Autumn wedding.

The gorgeous colours of Autumn

One of the best parts of Autumn has to be the beautiful, rich colours! The vibrant shades of the season are simply a sight to behold. The crisp golds, red and oranges of the leaves will add a stunning pop of colour to your wedding photos; not to mention make a fabulous addition to any wedding table! If you’re after something a little different, you could even use these deeper, rustic tones for your bridesmaids dresses too!

Perfect Autumn weather

The weather is in a lovely in-between period during the Autumn, neither too hot nor too cold. With glamourous (but heavy!) wedding dresses and thick suits, it’s all too easy to find yourself overheating and nobody wants to be sweating on their wedding day! Autumn is ideal for staying cool, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding! The best thing about this time of year? It still has great light, which means your photographer can still capture some great outdoor photos and let’s not forget about golden hour ladies!

Exploring themes and venues

The colour palate of the Autumn season invites certain themes and allows you to explore more non-traditional settings. Perfect themes to match the weather are rustic, bohemian, vintage or even country and vineyard weddings. We recommend choosing a venue that really highlights the colours so they can be fully incorporated into your special day.

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