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5 Stunning Backless Wedding Dresses You Will Fall In Love With

Open-back wedding gowns are the best choice if you want to make a statement on your wedding day. This wedding gown style is a unique but elegant choice, allowing brides that don’t want to show cleavage to still let a little skin show during their nuptials.

Backless wedding gowns are any sort of bridal wear which has an opening in the rear. This encompasses a range of styles. You could have anything from a deep and plunging V to small and simple keyhole features. There’s a backless wedding gown for every bride, no matter what their style preferences are.

We’ve listed some of the most gorgeous backless wedding dresses below. You’ll also find a buying guide with information on what to look for in backless gowns, so you can be prepared before your big day.

1.  Allure Bridals Backless Sheath Gown

We’ll start this list off with this stunning sheath gown from Allure Bridals. With Art Deco patterns, a plunging neckline, and gorgeous backless detail, this dress is perfect for bolder brides!

The backless cut is the main attraction here. Lace fabric borders the sides of the back, extending down into a deep, but flattering scoop cut. This draws attention to the other fabric in the rear. The pearl bead seams and flowing skirt will hug your curves nicely, falling into a train covered in 1920s reminiscent patterns.

The front of the dress has a plunging neckline, but the symmetrical patterns and romantic lace detail keep the gown elegant. This is the perfect gown for outdoor wedding locations, trendy brides, and informal ceremonies.

2.  Amsale Kier Backless Dress

If you love boho-style clothes, you’ll adore this dress!

This gown has a deep open-back with romantic tulle sleeves, extending downwards into a slim-cut skirt. Most of the gown is made from a solid, white crepe material, in keeping with classic bridalwear. The details on the sleeves are hand painted onto sheer tulle fabric, creating a soft, yet noticeable statement.

The front of the gown is cut in a high neck, creating a nice contrast between this feature and the open back detail. As the backless detail ends, buttons start extending down the skirt in a vertical seam, continuing into the extended train at the rear.

This dress is romantic, stylish, and elegant, all in one. It’s classic enough to wear at a conventional ceremony but modern enough to wear at smaller, outdoor gatherings. If you’re planning to wear your hair up and show off backless detailing, you should consider this dress!

3.  Jenny Yoo Octavia Wedding Dress

Minimalist brides, look no further. This dress is a picture of simplicity, and thanks to the open-back detail, it doesn’t look too plain!

The backless detail is cut in a deep V shape, extending across the shoulder blades and narrowing down along the back. There are also illusion panels across the side that keep the dress looking stylish and sexy.

The front of the dress is cut in a plunging neckline, but its thicker straps and classic A-line maintain a classy aesthetic. This makes this gown suitable for several types of wedding ceremonies, from informal to traditional.

4.  Theia Bella Donna Backless Wedding Dress

If you’re up for a dress that radiates glamor, look no further. This satin wedding gown is the picture of Old Hollywood charm!

Its halter neckline has longer strands that extend down the back, drawing attention to the backless detail. It is fitted around the upper bodice, cut in a way that will show off your curves.

The open panel stops just before the small of your back, then flows outwards to emphasize your waist. The skirt is sleek and fitted around the upper legs, then widening out in a classic fishtail shape.

With its puddle train, sleek satin material, and tie-neck detail, this wedding gown is ideal for the chic bride.

5.  Kelly Faetanini Renata Gown

Lastly, we have a gown that’s fit for a fairytale wedding. Kelly Faetanini’s Renata dress is great if you want a dress with more coverage with gorgeous backless detail.

The backless feature is cut flatteringly across your back. It’s wider across the shoulder blades and flows into a smaller V, making your waist look smaller as a result. This dress also has floaty illusion sleeves with floral detailing. This will cover your arms while simultaneously letting a bit of skin peek through.

The front of the dress is also cut into a low v, but has skin-toned mesh across the front, creating the illusion of a plunging neckline. The skirt flows outwards into a full, billowing skirt, with the same floral detailing around the waist.

If you want a gown that has enough coverage to be worn at a conservative wedding, but still has a bit of cheeky flirtiness, this bridal gown is a great choice!

Backless Wedding Dress Buying Guide

Backless wedding gowns can look stunning, but it’s good to consider a few things before you decide on wearing one on your big day.

Will A Backless Wedding Gown Suit Me?

Any bride can wear a backless wedding gown, no matter what her height, shape, or size is. If you want to wear an open-back dress, you should wear one.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on your wedding day, which may involve working out and eating right in the months leading up to it.

Open-back detailing will naturally show off your back. This might not be an issue if you are slender or have toned muscles, but if this isn’t the case, you can prepare with strengthening exercises beforehand.

Whether you do these in the gym, at home, or with a trainer, exercising will make you feel better too, which is always an advantage before your wedding!

It’s best to try on a few wedding dresses to make sure that they suit you. Mirrors may not give you an accurate picture of what you look like in person, so take a camera and a trusted friend to your bridal fitting session. Get a picture of how the dress looks from behind from a couple of angles, including straight across, angled up, and angled down.

Different Styles

Backless wedding gowns come in a lot of different styles! You can opt for dresses with more coverage with subtle open back details, or deeper backless cuts that extend right down to the small of the back.

Open-back gowns can also have other details, like pearl beading or lace that curves around your figure. These will elevate a bridal gown to new heights, making them look even more fashionable and elegant. You can also add dramatic elements with a fishtail skirt, or keep it on the graceful side with draping sleeves extending down your arms.

What Bra Should I Wear With A Backless Dress?

Traditional bras will show in backless dresses, so you will need to purchase bras that will go with your chosen gown.

If your bust is on the smaller side, you can opt for a stick-on bra. Make sure that these are made from lighter materials so they don’t show through the dress.

Another good option is a convertible bra. These will have straps that criss-cross low down your back, but their effectiveness will depend on how low the back of your dress is.

You can also ask your dressmaker to sew bra cups into your gown. These are a good choice if you have a larger bust or want some more support. If your backless gown has panels that may come loose, fashion tape or eyelash glue will help stick these fabric pieces to your skin.

If you are worried about bust support but want to wear an open-back wedding gown, look out for dresses with clever designs. Sheer panels, bead placement, and cleverly placed cutouts allow you to wear a bra while giving the same backless effect.

Don’t forget about going braless! If you are confident enough, feel free to forgo the bra. Remember to do a test run to make sure that you are comfortable in the dress. Take plenty of photos beforehand to ensure that the gown looks good too.

Keep an eye out for other bridal shapewear options. Halter neck bras, backless bodysuits, and longline open-back corsets may be of help.

As mentioned earlier, always do a test run to make sure that the lingerie isn’t visible through the dress. Check different angles, lighting, and locations, and be sure to take photos with and without flash.

Accessorizing Backless Wedding Dresses

Open-back gowns show a lot of skin. Darker skin tones will look amazing with the contrast of a white dress. Paler skin tones may want to fake tan a few days beforehand to add some color, which can also make you look slimmer too. Remember to moisturize beforehand!

It’s best to wear open-back gowns with an updo. Groomed French twists, plaits, or swept-back buns will complement your gown well. You can also add hair accessories, like flowers or pearl pins to match.

The Bottom Line

Many people shy away from wearing backless dresses, but if you want to look stylish and sexy on your wedding day, they are a great choice! These look great on toned muscles, but if you’re on the curvier side, don’t let that stop you from wearing one on your big day.

You can find backless wedding dresses in a variety of cuts and styles, so with a little trial and error, you’re sure to find one that looks great. Try on as many different backless gowns as you can and remember to take test pictures in different lighting and angles.

As long as you’re feeling good, you’re bound to rock that backless dress at your wedding!