Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Catering

1st June 2016 Wedding Money Saving Guides

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If you have a small wedding budget, you need to look for ways to cut costs wherever you can. Cutting the costs on the wedding catering can be done without your guests feeling that they have just been to a cheap wedding!

By changing small things, you can really make a big difference in the cost of your wedding catering.

How to save money on wedding catering

Timing of your wedding

Having a wedding smack bang in the middle of the day almost guarantees a higher food bill because you may need to serve canapes, dinner, plus a further snack in the evening. Why not consider a mid‐afternoon wedding, have a few light bites with a welcome drink (see below), a main meal at 6pm ish, and then just wedding cake and extra nibbles in the evening.

Welcome/Toasting Drink

Don’t feel that you have to have an expensive champagne for both/either of these. I personally don’t like champagne that much, so it would have been wasted on me at our wedding! We opted for a lovely local blush cider for our welcome drink which was a lot cheaper than champagne. For summer weddings, something like Pimms & Lemonade could also be a cheaper alternative. We did go for champagne for toasting, but steer clear of anything too expensive as most people won’t appreciate it having (probably) consumed a fair bit of alcohol by that stage!

Alternatives to canapes

Serving canapes to guests with a welcome drink can really add on the costs. Consider lower cost alternatives such as antipasti, where you serve a selection of cold meats, cheeses, ciabatta type breads and roasted tomatoes etc (we had this at our wedding and it went down very well!)

Don’t serve a traditional three course meal

There are some lovely alternatives to three course meal, including sharing platters, hog roasts & BBQs. And by BBQ, I’m not suggesting you have a few burnt burgers and sorry for themselves sausages – BBQs can still be done in a really stylish way with marinated meats, corn on the cob, salads & freshly baked breads. For the vegetarians haloumi kebabs are also a winner! This can be a great way to save money, as not only do you avoid having to serve a starter, but you cut down on labour costs as people serve themselves rather than paying for extra waiting staff.

Have your wedding cake as dessert

Wedding cakes are a feature of most weddings, so why double up on serving two sweet things! If you want a traditional fruit cake you can keep, consider doing just one layer like this, and the others as a sponge cakes which you can serve with fresh fruit and cream. Doing it this way means that you will not only save money, but people will actually appreciate your wedding cake rather than being to stuffed to manage a piece!

Don’t lay on a full evening buffet

Rather than trying to provide a full evening buffet, why not consider cheaper alternatives such as serving bacon or sausage baps, a cheese and biscuit platter or something totally different (like John and I did) of toasted crumpets! These alternatives can help to reduce your wedding spend and provide something a bit different!

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