Lighting your Wedding Reception with Paper Lanterns

1st June 2016 Wedding Money Saving Guides

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For our wedding I thought the lighting would be really important in creating the right atmosphere and giving the look Sophie wanted.

(Our wedding reception was in a village hall). I explored lots of options including battery powered candles in jars, light strings and glowing paper lanterns. In the end we settled on the paper lanterns – inspired by photos like this one:

lighting your wedding with paper lantern strings

I looked at putting individual battery powered lights in each, but I was put off by the idea of turning on each lantern – and it was beginning to cost a lot. I then came up with a very simple solution that I thought I share.

All you have to do is purchase paper lanterns and strings of LED fairy lights (battery powered for convenience and safety). Work out what length you need – then tape bunches of individual LEDs together and hang a lantern over the bunch. Very easy. You do get exposed LEDS between lanterns – but for us this didn’t matter.
make your own wedding paper lanterns

If you want to hang anything heavier than a few paper lanterns the LED string itself won’t be strong enough – in this case run some strong garden wire alongside the LED string and make sure the lanterns hang on this. This is something I’ve done in our conservatory with lanterns:

wedding lighting ideas led light lanterns

Have you been inspired to make your own lantern strings for your wedding reception?

Check out the paper laterns for sale on Bride2Bride and light strings too!

Or you could try searching for battery LED light strings

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