How to reduce the cost of weddings as a guest

1st June 2016 Wedding Money Saving Guides

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Weddings aren’t just expensive for the Bride & Groom, the costs can quickly add up for the guests too! If you are worrying about spending too much money on attending weddings, read our tips on helping you to save money.

A recent study revealed that the cost of attending a wedding can be as high as £400 when you take into account going on hen/stag dos, transport, accommodation, getting a new outfit and of course buying a wedding gift.

If you have several weddings to attend in one year, finding the spare money for this can get very difficult! Here are some ways you can cut the cost of attending a wedding:

How to save money as a wedding guest

1. Plan ahead

When you receive a wedding invitation, get online as soon possible and book your travel and accommodation as you can often get deals for booking early. Remember to also take advantage of any discounts the wedding reception venue might be giving to wedding guests. If you need to book two nights away, think about booking the first night at a budget hotel such as a Travelodge or Premier Inn (where prices start from £19), and then splashing out on a luxury hotel for the night of the wedding.

2. Share the cost

If the rest of your family or friends are all attending the same wedding, consider sharing transport and accommodation. Off season you can often book holiday cottages for short breaks which can be a lot cheaper when split between a large group than individual hotel rooms.

3. Outfits

You can sometimes have multiple weddings to attend in a year, but don’t feel the pressure of having to wear a different dress or suit for every event. Buy something quite simple – you can change the look of a dress with different accessories, hat, or jacket. Men may think renting a suit is cheaper, but if you have a lot of weddings to attend, buying a suit could work out cheaper, especially if you plan in advance and hit the sales.

4. Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Sometimes you may be asked to buy your own shoes for the big day. Again, planning ahead is key so that you can take advantage of any end of season sales. You can also find some amazing second hand or never worn items here on Bride2Bride – just make sure you look for something in a neutral colour so they can be worn again.

5. Offer your services

Do you have an interesting car or special skill such as floristry? If you own a vintage car or campervan, or have a talent for flower arranging or cake making, why not offer your services as a wedding gift? Not only will you feel a part of the wedding, it will save both you and the happy couple cash. If you are creative, you could also offer to make wedding decorations or favours.

6. Be smart with wedding gifts

If the Bride &: Groom have specified a gift list, make sure you don’t leave gift buying until the last minute when all the cheaper items might be have been snapped up! Alternatively you can also be creative and get a more personal wedding present. We once got up to take a photo of the sunrise on our friend’s wedding day and got it framed for them. This was a really personal gift, didn’t cost us a huge amount, but sometimes thoughtful gifts like this are priceless! You could also consider making a photo collage of any photos of the couple or perhaps make something to mark their wedding day.

Have you recently attended a wedding? What are your top tips for saving money? We’d love to hear them so please leave your comments on our Facebook page

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