How To Make Your Own DIY Sweet Buffet

1st June 2016 Wedding Money Saving Guides

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This week’s guide from Emma of gives advice to help you make your own sweet buffet and save you hundreds off your wedding budget.

Sweet buffets are becoming more popular at weddings, and there are many sweet cart companies to choose from. Whilst looking for a sweet cart, I was really unhappy to find that most of them arrive at your wedding plastered with at least the company’s website. Considering that sweet cart hire is approximately £250 (and that is before you add any sweets!), it is a great idea to DIY.

diy sweet buffet


The first point is that it saves you money. In most instances, your venue will have a table that you can convert into your sweet buffet. The items for displaying your sweets in, such as jars, vases and bowls will be a lot cheaper than the hire of a sweet cart. You are also able to completely customise your sweet buffet, adding your own unique touches to tie in with your wedding theme.


Where to locate your items

For your sweet buffet, you will need:

  • A selection of jars. IKEA have large 1.8l jars with lids for just 85p.
  • A selection of plates and bowls.
  • Scoops and/or tongs.
  • Decorations.
  • Table cloth (if not supplied by your venue).
  • Bags or pots to put the sweets in. You can use ice cream sundae pots, cardboard cups or paper bags.
  • A selection of sweets.


Where to get sweets from

You can get your sweets from almost anywhere. I have already started buying some Double Dips from Home Bargains – 3 for 39p. Poundland is a great place to get a selection of sweets. You could also add a bag of sweets that are on offer each time you do your grocery shopping. That way you won’t miss £1 here and there.

Alternatively, you can bulk order your sweets online. Amazon have a great selection – Giant Strawberries are just £5.50 for 120 (roughly 1.5kg) and a tub of 600 piece tub of Haribo mini jellies (roughly 1.3kg) is £5.50.

When picking your sweets, try to include some that are wrapped. This means that anything left over from your wedding can be taken home with you and eaten at a later date.


And finally…

DIYing your sweet buffet could save you between £150-£200. For ideas about how to decorate your sweet buffet, there are thousands of ideas on Pinterest. If you are able to check out supermarkets just after Valentine’s Day, you might find a great selection of homewares that you could use towards your sweet buffet.

This is a guest post by Emma who runs the money saving and money making blog From Aldi to Harrods


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